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We are full of impressions, memories, desires and immeasurable thoughts.

Move confidently towards openings in the space between impressions.

– Yoga Sutra 4-24 & 4-27

Often I’ve felt ungrounded, disconnected, too caught up in my head – we’ve all felt this, it’s a socially wide phenomenon, along with striving to outdo ourselves and others. Yoga teaches to let that all go, to be in the moment even if that moment isn’t the greatest. When you do away with your ego, forget for a moment what others think, silence your worries and desires, let go of your past, all that’s left is you. Who you are and where you are in your life is enough, deep down you are precious and divine.

I come to my mat, as I do in my life, with compassion, love and playfulness. I strive to bring these intentions to my classes. As someone who is constantly battling physical  limitations  and mental roadblocks in my yoga practice, I can empathize if you’re feeling like you don’t fit in because you can’t touch your toes just yet. That’s ok, you are enough, what you can do is enough. Even if it’s just for this moment, find peace. Regardless of what might be in the news, Yoga is not a competition. Your mat is a safe place.

My training is in Hatha Yoga with emphasis on the Universal Principles of Alignment*, which physically help keep the body in optimal alignment.

To put it plainly; be open and let your awesomeness shine! Stay strong, fire up your muscles to support you! Align your body how it’s meant to be, in every pose (inner and outer spiral can be confusing terms until you try it)! Get stretchy!