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Ania’s restorative class was so wonderful in many ways. I loved the music she chose. I loved her hands on adjustments and the energy she brought to each person. I learned so many new prop arrangements for poses that aren’t normally very comfortable for me. She found a way to make each pose so accessible and deliciously restorative! – Madison A

Being a single mom and having such a busy schedule – finding time for myself has been such a challenge.  Having Ania teach a class during the lunch hour [at the office], and the convenience of not having to travel to get there, has been a blessing.

Never having tried a yoga class before starting classes with Ania, I had some hesitation about it.  But after the first class it simply passed.  Ania has been amazing as there are various levels of experience in the one class, but she continues to challenge everyone.

Ania brings her own personal experiences and thoughts to class which makes the atmosphere warm, comfortable and inviting.  She takes the time to explain the poses and corrects individuals as needed.  I come out of each class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated….which leaves me wanting more and anxious for the next class. – Kathy

I [enjoy] your style of teaching. When a teacher is not thorough in descriptions of the movement, I feel it’s easy to miss a step and get lost. I don’t feel that with you. You make [me] feel at ease and comfortable in classes, which is a big thing. – A.

Wow, you’re really great at teaching how to do a handstand. Thank you for your help – student


Ania’s warm and gentle personality made for a relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating treatment. I was put at ease by her openness to questions and comments, and knew I was safe in her calm and trustworthy presence. Reiki with Ania is great for both first-timers and those who have some experience and would like an easygoing and friendly practitioner. – Lauren

I had such a restful and comfortable session. This was such a great way to start my afternoon – Tana

My Reiki experience with Ania was extremely enjoyable. From the moment I met her, she exuded a calm, friendly energy that put me right at ease. The treatment itself left me super relaxed and I was amazed at Ania’s ability to recognize the areas of my body where I felt the most attention needed to be paid. Post-session, she was open to sharing her assessments and knowledge with me iin a caring and helpful manner. Ania’s natural compassion is apparent in her treatments. – Ashlie