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Private and Semi-Private Yoga Instruction

Private and semi-private classes are great if you’re new to Yoga or want to deepen your practice with extra attention.

For private and semi-private Hatha classes you must provide your own space.

Private In Person Classes

$80 – each session is 1hr

Semi-Private In Person Classes

1hr  (2-4 students. Price is per person. Negotiable for larger groups)


Skype Classes

Email for more info

Discount packages available

Class Descriptions

Hatha Flow Yoga – movement based class focused on strength, flexibility and alignment.

Yoga Core Fusion – movement based yoga class with a focus on strengthening the core – great cross training for runners and other athletes.

Yoga Therapy – gentle movements focused on bringing the body into optimal alignment, lost of use of props, some poses done on floor. Lots of hands on adjustment/manipulation similar to physiotherapy. Can be catered to specific pain/injury.

Restorative – all poses use props and are held for 3-15min. Goal is to find stillness of mind and body and trigger the parasympathetic nervous system

Fine Print: Above prices are exclusive of HST. A deposit of $22.60 ($20+HST) is required when booking is confirmed. Reminder can be paid via cash, cheque or e-transfer at the end of the session. Cancellations must be 24 hours in advance to receive a refund. All class passes have an expiry one week longer than the number of sessions and must be paid in full at the end of the first session. Package sessions can be shared. Discounts available for students & seniors. Other discounts may be agreed upon on a case by case basis.