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When we don’t meet our goals

As we near end of January, I feel like “resolution season” is winding down. It’s been 4+ weeks of talk about setting goals and making big changes for 2018. I don’t usually make resolutions in the new year, mostly because I feel like I make them year round. However goal setting has been in the […]

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A year ago, I joined a challenge to find more happy in my life – the 100 Happy Days challenge. Quite similar to month long gratitude challenges, its goal was to focus on what made me happy – every single day – for 100 days. Some days it was easy, other days I really had […]

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Roasted squash and orange veggie soup

I love squash in most forms, and on a cold winter’s day there are few things more satisfying then a hot bowl of yummy soup. I put this recipe together, crossing my fingers it would work and it’s so good I must share! Makes 6 cups of soup Ingredients 1 tbsp oil (for roasting squash) […]

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