A year ago, I joined a challenge to find more happy in my life – the 100 Happy Days challenge. Quite similar to month long gratitude challenges, its goal was to focus on what made me happy – every single day – for 100 days. Some days it was easy, other days I really had to find the silver lining. I posted every day on Twitter. I think it’s time I put it all in one place, so I can look back, and hopefully so I can inspire YOU!

Without further ado…#100happydays





I missed day 18…oops

And day 20. I think counting may not be my best accomplishment.


Day 23 seems to be missing. I feel maybe Twitter lost some photos. I can’t imagine having missed so many days.

I lost day 27 🙁

And day 29?

Day 33 also seems to be missing. Hmmm…odd.

And 37…I’m sure it was happy. How could it not be?

Day 41?

43…I really think Twitter lost some posts…


Oh NO! I no I skipped 50 also?


Day 56 and 57 also seem missing. How is that possible?


62…I have no explenation

Check out Taylor’s music

I’m putting the next one is for missing a day earlier…well one of them…

It was nice to re-live that. And to see I either missed a few days…or Twitter lost some photos. It’s been so long ago, I’m not sure. So…90 days of happy? I may do this challenge again. Would you try it?