Date A Girl Who Rock Climbs

Ania Bouldering

I think it may have all started with “Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels” and spun off to at least half a dozen blogs about dating/not dating various kind of girls. I may not travel as much as I’d like, but I am very much like the girl who travels. I found have pieces of myself in most of the blogs, as I’m sure have many other women. I am a girl who takes baths, practices hot yoga, reads and teaches. A girl that sometimes runs and one that used to be quite a lil biker chick!

Do these posts place women into cookie-cutter stereotypes? Maybe a little. But I’d like to think that’s not the intent. Being a woman who sees beauty and the good, I see them as empowering and sweet. Whatever you do ladies (and gents – there’s a slew of “Date a guy who…” blogs too, like this one…mmm), there is something really awesome about it and about you; skills you gain and character you build. That’s how I see these blogs – affirmation of the awesome.

Feeling inspired, I wanted to write my own, and started with “Date a Girl Who Wilderness Camps” but quickly realized it’s basically like a girl who climbs mountains. I did a bit of Google searching to see what was missing and quickly started to pen “Date a Girl Who Rock Climbs”. This past weekend I participated in an all women bouldering clinic at Joe Rockhead’s climbing gym, lead by JRH’s B Team & City Yogis, and quickly came to the conclusion that there is something seriously awesome, in this male dominated sport, about a bunch of rock climbing gals. We’re definitely very datable 😉

Without further ado…

Date a girl who rock climbs. She’s strong, she’s resilient. She has calluses on her hands and keeps her nails short. She enjoys life’s simple pleasures. She has strong forearms, strong hands and strong shoulders. Sometimes she carries the world on those shoulders but secretly hopes she won’t have to do it alone. She’s tough but knows how to be gentle, never letting a climber fall too far; she’d never let you fall, she’ll help you up, encourage you.

Date a girl who scales walls as she has goals and is up for challenges. She knows every problem has a solution even if she might not get it right away. She’ll keep trying. She won’t mind getting a little dirty, her clothes covered in climbing chalk, hair tied back, always a bit messy, feet sore from tight shoes,  but she climbs on. She has a sense of adventure and though heights might scare her, she fights her fear. She won’t give up on a climbing problem too easily and motivates others. She’ll do the same in life.

If you climb with her, you build trust with each climb. You hold each others’ lives in your hands. When you ask her “will you catch me when I fall?”, she will smile sweetly and answer “of course, I got you” and you know she means it not just literally. She has you. You are safe.

Ania Bouldering

Photo Credit: Will Johnson

Note: You can date a boy who rock climbs too. You know, gender equality and all!