Signs of Hope #8: Winter Warm Up

Toronto was hit with some frigid temperatures this past week. It felt like -40°C at one point. If you are reading this, you are probably privileged – you have warm homes to go to, warm clothes to layer. But many of our city’s residents don’t have what we consider basic necessities. The homeless, and those who can’t afford to keep warm, are freezing while I’m looking at my closet wondering which jacket should I wear.

In response to this, my friend, photographer Cynthia Phillip, recently asked her friends if anyone had blankets to donate so she can distribute them to the homeless. To her surprise people wanted to donate money so more blankets could be purchased. Thus was the beginning of Winter Warm Up.

We often walk past the less fortunate, without a second look. Cynthia is opening up her heart and her wallet. That is a definite sign of hope.

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