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Life I love you, all is groovy

Great words from Simon And Garfunkel…”Life I love you, all is groovy”. How often can we say that? Even more so, how often can we say that knowing that things aren’t “groovy” and we’re pissed off and sad? How can we still focus on the good in those shitty f*&%ed up situations? The song starts […]

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Signs of Hope

There’s so much greed, corruption and violence in the world, I wanted to actively seek out the good things. There will be posts of feel good stories and photos all tagged under “Signs of Hope”. REAL ones, not memes. If you have anything you’d like to share, please put it in the comments or connect […]

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Sign of Hope #2: Suspended Coffee

The concept that started in Italy and gone viral via Facebook, has now made its way to Canada. The idea is that customers pay for coffees which are “suspended” then someone who can’t afford a coffee can come in and ask for a suspended coffee. I’ve shared this story with a few local cafes and […]

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