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Welcome to the journey…

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote that life is a journey and not a destination. It’s very true and if we spend too much time focusing on where we want to be, we miss out on the journey itself.

Whether it be through running, yoga or Reiki, I strive to support you on your journey whatever it may be.

When I re-branded as Silver Birch Journey, it was partially so I could remember that I am on a journey and that where I am is where I’m supposed to be, no matter how spectacular or how messy and difficult. The birch is also my favourite tree, not only because of its beauty year round, but because of what it represents. In folklore the birch is known as the Lady of the Woods, carrying an energy of feminine beauty, grace, strength and resilience even if perceived as fragile. I connected to this in so many ways, as lover of the outdoors, an outdoor educator and as a woman who has often been thought of as fragile and thrived beyond the label.

Below are two excerpts about the birch that, in my opinion, beautifully summarize its spirit as well as echo some of my beliefs and values.


from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford

The birch tree symbolizes a fresh start and can bring courage and determination to those of us who are treading the path of spiritual growth and development for the first time. Although the birch does appear fragile, it is in fact extremely hardy. This teaches us that in apparent weakness there is often to be found great strength. The birch also promises new life and love, and is a potent symbol of purification and renewal, which focuses our attention on our potential for the change and on the consideration of new directions and goals to be experienced in our lives.It teaches the lesson of unselfishness and of caring for the needs of others in ways that help them to flourish of their own accord.

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“Your life is potentially graceful and well balanced like the slender Silver Birch. Mother Nature presides over this tree, bringing maternal protection, a deepening relationship with your mother, and the encouragement to learn new skills. Babies’ cradles were made of Birch, signifying that an idea will materialize if it is nurtured. Like the Silver Birch, which grows almost anywhere its seeds fall, you will make the most of opportunities… –  excerpt from Tree Magick by Gillian Kemp

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